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Super-chp     basic introduction

the most optimal solution for today ;
Heating  , Cooling  , Electric Power at unrivalled total efficiency and pricing
Basic Systems for
* Homes ;  * Offices ;  * Complete hall heating/cooling/E-Power  ;  *  EV-Car Loading Systems (up to 1000 kW E-Power Stations )

  standard gemini chp genset , but following choice :
   gasoline, diesel , cng , lpg ;
  chp genset , internally combined , direct connected
    to heatpump (heat from genset is recuperated )
                    = Super -  CHP 
   Super chp is developed out, of our 40 years chp-genset
 experience, where we combine :
a / PMG- Alternator (95% efficiency) ,
b/ Standard LatestNew  car-gasengine (cng or lpg)
c/ Copeland /and/ Panasonic normal and Evi direct connected  heatpumps for maximum heating efficiency .
With above manufacturing combination, we reach an all
over efficiency from electric 44% (directly similar efficiency
than large gaspowered centrals  and a heating Efficiency ,
far higher than even normal heating pumps. (even above 100%, if all considered.
   We made cooperation with Copeland and Panasonic,
in order to reach maximum heating /or/Cooling efficiency.
For heating , we make hot water heating capacity ,
following customer demand between 45 and 80 °C .
For Cooling in summer, we cool up to 7 °C, where
we combine our systems , with FanCoil Units,
where, we have such units from 2 up to 15 kW heating ,
or Cooling .

    Our Super CHP , has further Electric Capacity from
 2 up to 100 kW , following demand of Customers.
Thanks to our Patent Applied System, we can offer such
systems at more than 50% lower pricing than standard chp
Our entry system : (starts at pricing: 8900.- euro/excl vat)
Electric : 4 kW / 230 V - 50 Hz
Heating : 10 kW
Cooling : 10 kW
For optimal efficiency, we combine this with :
solar El Panels / Solar Heat Panels / Lit-ion Batt System
 Super CHP - System can be combined with: 
                         E-Solar Panels
          Super CHP - System can be combined with: 
                          Heat-Solar Panels
 Super CHP -System can be combined with
             LFP or LTO  - High Power Batteries 



 Super CHP - EV-Charging Stations

a/ SUPER CHP- Charging cng/lpg  Container  :  Ultimate Max Efficiency Genset (range 10 - 1000 kW )
Eventually combined with ;
b/ LFP / or / LTO High Power Batteries  :
c/ Solar Panel Field Installations  - normal or  Hall Installations (look Gtc / GeneralTent installations)