mic-etap supplier contact form  and agreements

Our Policy
Our purchasing strategy is to develop long lasting relations with our suppliers.
Some of our suppliers are still from the beginning in 1970 our basic support.
Our basic elements concerning suppliers;
A/ Quality is our first aim
B/ Price is important but will be yearly evaluated.
For 5% difference , we agree; 10% difference: we make a serious evaluation; 15% difference, we change from supplier as far
as the quality and basic terms are equal.
C/ All incoming offers, without price will not be evaluated , as comparation without price makes no sence at all ,and we are
loosing our time. In all cases , there must be price examples be included for most common items, eventually for reference only.
D/ Very important : In case of Service related items ,we will never start working with any supplier , when basically agreed ,
when spare parts drawings and full spare parts price lists are not directly from the shelf available and these must be in our
hands before the first delivery. (sparepart prices are also a basic criterium for evaluation of suppliers.)
D1/ Also must be confirmed that the supplier will be responsible to supply spare parts for a minimum period of 10 , and in most cases,
15 years after the last delevery of the product.
D2/ Further any supplier will supply spare parts at prices, can be indexed , but must be in the same convergence as initially agreed.
E/ When working with subcontracters; they must sign a non disclosure agreement for never distributing or copying our designs .
F/ If started, we want a fixed agreement for direct delivery and invoicing, at all times , what is concerning spare parts for a period
of at least 10 Years , and this at the normal pricing from the beginning, corrected with inflation and standard world situation.
G/ In 99% from cases, we work only with the direct manufacter or his own branch ; as this is our best warranty for competive
pricing and service related questions;
H/ Our basic strategic purchasing place is Terneuzen , the Netherlands, or otherwhile stipulated,  but delevies and/or invoicing can be up to the agreement, in
Belgium, Holland, Poland or India .

Mic supplier file - when agreement , items to complete :
Supplier File
Company name  :
Legal form
Street + number
Zip code + city
Tel (general)
Fax (general)
Web home page
Email (generaladdress)
Email contact person
Gsm contact person
Direct telnr contact person
Contact person
Number of employees
Range of production
Special features of your technologies
Some references
- Your latest catalogue : pls send by post :
(also you can mail us, but preferred is email + a posted catalogue)
date latest catalogue :
- Your latest price list : pls mail (info@mic.be) ;or send by post ;
- Ps: if possible price list in excel format; with :itemnr/description E/ +different languages if
available/ list price/ oem discount/ packing quant./ group of products(if possible)/
- Very important: in case of service products;
- Spare parts drawings available :
- Full excel spare parts price list available:
- Payment Terms:
- Delevery terms (fob,cif,etc;preferred =fob)
- Shipping harbour :
- Shipping airport :